GHS-TV Expands Reach Thanks to Shelby County Schools

Germantown High School and its award-winning television studio have been mentioned in the local news quite a bit lately. For the students of GHS-TV, though, this summer has been far too busy to worry over the politics of the day. The station’s current crop of interns have been helping complete an exciting transition that will see the students’ work aired to even more of Shelby County.

GHS-TV is partnering with Shelby County Schools’ C19 to share programming between the two educational television facilities. GHS-TV’s local programming and much of its syndicated content are now aired to Comcast customers throughout the Memphis area on C19.

“The students involved in GHS-TV are some of the most talented and hardworking you’ll ever come across,” said GHS-TV Executive Producer Allison Long. “Over the years the students in this program have been consistently recognized on a national level. It’s great that the work they do here at Germantown High will be shared with even more of Shelby County.”

While GHS-TV is no longer airing in Germantown on Comcast Channel 17, live streaming and a video archive are still available at The station’s local programming also will still be aired on ION Media. GHS-TV’s programming schedule has seen a major increase in student-produced work, an aspect of the schedule expected to grow even more through the partnership with C19. The two groups hope to collaborate on programs geared towards student life, community events and school system news.

Aside from collaborations with C19, the students of GHS-TV will still create the type of programming that has made it one of the nation’s premiere educational television facilities. The students will continue to produce talk shows from its monthly Access Together Series and live specialty programs like Election Night 2014. GHS-TV students also will still be seen Saturday mornings on WMC-TV as part of the News 101 series and throughout the school year on the campus newscast Wake Up, Germantown!.

Established in 1982, GHS-TV is a community television station operated by the students of Germantown High School. GHS-TV is seen online at and its programming airs in the Memphis area on Comcast C19 and throughout the region on ION Media. GHS-TV serves as a model facility that continues to produce original programming, inform citizens and educate young people interested in telecommunications careers. It has been named the nation’s best access station an unprecedented 11 times by the Alliance for Community Media. Its students have won over 145 Hometown Video Awards, 44 regional “Student Emmys” and 2 national “Student Emmys.” For more information on GHS-TV visit You can follow GHS-TV on Facebook and Twitter (@ghstv).

Allison Long is the executive producer for GHS-TV.  Ted Beasley is the senior producer. Bobby Ramsay serves as the studio supervisor. Matt Sloan is the SCS videographer. Catherine Cohen is the business manager.