It just armed me with the tools to realize that I can pretty much do whatever I put my mind to.
— Motion Picture Producer & Editor Martin Cutler, Class of 1983
Finding Vivian Maier  associate producer and  Tosh.O  editor Chris McKinley, Class of 1997

Finding Vivian Maier associate producer and Tosh.O editor Chris McKinley, Class of 1997

NPR National Correspondent Debbie Elliott, Class of 1981

NPR National Correspondent Debbie Elliott, Class of 1981

Emmy winning casting director of Desperate Housewives Scott Genkinger, Class of 1976

Emmy winning casting director of Desperate Housewives Scott Genkinger, Class of 1976


Class of 1976

Scott Genkinger - Emmy Award Winning Casting Director, Desperate Housewives, Hollywood, CA

Class of 1978

Ray Costa - Owner, Costa Communications, marketing firm that represents Emmy, Oscar, Grammy and Tony Award winning artists

Class of 1980

Jeff Dryzimiski - Independent Video Producer - Memphis, TN

Rudy Koski -  News Reporter - Alabama

Scott Blake - Professional Scene Designer - Memphis, TN 

Class of 1981

Steve Hayslip - Anchor, CBS Affiliate - Nashville, TN

Steve Crain - Producer, NBC Affiliate - Memphis, TN

Debbie Elliott - National Correspondent, NPR - Orange Beach, AL

Paul Whitten - Film Actor - Hollywood, CA

Paul Sloan - VP/Creative Services Director, Fox Affiliate, Phoenix, AZ

Class of 1982

Dorthea Hough Nissen - Producer, CBN - Monterey, CA

Susan Marshall - Songwriter, Video Artist, & Recording Artist, First female president of the Memphis chapter of the Grammys organization - Memphis, TN 

Class of 1983

Jim Barrett - Owner, Edge Creative Production Facility -Hollywood, CA

Martin Cutler - Owner, Hit Squad Production Facility - Los Angeles, CA

John Koski - General Manager, FOX Affiliate - Memphis, TN

Michelle White - Recording Artist - Los Angeles, CA 

Class of 1984

Karen Keadle - CNN Producer - Atlanta, GA

David Bryant - TNT Documentarian - Atlanta, GA 

Class of 1985

Chris Parnell - Actor, Saturday Night Live - New York, NY

Dan McCleary - Professional Film, Theatre, & TV Actor, Founder & Artistic Director, Tennessee Shakespeare Company

Class of 1986

Andrew Dunn - Independent Film Maker - New York, NY

Mike McCormick - Producer, NBC Affiliate - Florida

Jeff Carter - Independent Film Maker 

Class of 1987

David Hershey - Emmy winning VP of Creative Services - CBS Affiliate -Dallas - Fort Worth, TX 

Class of 1988

Jim Phillips - Sports Anchor, FOX Affiliate - Birmingham, AL

Blake Russell - Promotion Director, NBC Affiliate -Beaumont, TX

Heather Zimmerman - Independent Video Producer - California

Brent Hufnagel - Video Editor - Washington, D.C. 

Class of 1989

Jeff Webb - Radio Personality - Memphis, TN

Julia Wilson - International Singer and Actress - Tokyo, Japan

Kelly Griffith - Professional Actress - New York, NY

Liz Kirksey - Freelance Screenwriter - Los Angeles, CA

David Price - Professional M/U Artist & Photographer -Memphis, TN; Los Angeles, CA 

Class of 1990

Curtis Smith - Weather Anchor - Ft. Wayne, IN 

Class of 1991

Bryan Duplantis - CNN - Atlanta, GA

Missi Pyle - Professional Actress, "The Artist," "Charlie and the Charlie Factory," "Wedding Bells," "As Good As It Gets," "Galaxy Quest," "Josie and the Pussycats" - New York, NY

Andrew Romine - Babylon 5, Graphics - Los Angeles, CA

Scott Thompson - CNN - Atlanta, GA

Jon Shepard - CNN - Atlanta, GA 

Class of 1992

Chris Ridenhour - Literary Manager - Tavel Entertainment -Hollywood, CA

Cara Rawling - Movement Director and Teacher- Virginia 

Class of 1993

Wes Day - Actor - "Blue Man Group" - New York, NY 

Class of 1994

Mollie Parnell - Producer, Today Show, Weekend Edition -New York, NY 

Class of 1995

Shawn Davis - Professional Actor - New York, NY

Josh Rodman - Editor, Golf Channel - Florida 

Class of 1996

Kevin Graves - Cinematographer - Los Angeles, CA

Anna Graves - Professional Voice-Over Actress - Los Angeles, CA 

Class of 1997

Chris McKinley - Promotions Editor, Warner Brothers Studios -Los Angeles, CA

Class of 1998

Travis Harper - Post Production Supervisor/Social Media Manager, Action Media Group - Arvada, CO

Class of 2001

Michelle Hayes-Uhlfelder - Managing Director, 98 Republic - Florida

Class of 2002

Jonathan Hayes - Director/Editor - Atlanta, GA

Class of 2004

Waheed AlQawasmi - Creative Services Director, Fox affiliate - Memphis, TN

Class of 2006

Nathan Babian - Motion Graphics Designer/Animator - Los Angeles, CA

Class of 2008

Brandon Winfrey - Associate Community Manager, Insomniac Games - Los Angeles, CA

Class of 2009

Amy Fenton - Freelance Journalist, Fox News Channel - Washington, D.C.