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On this special edition of Crosstalk, host Kendall Lesure travels down to Tupelo, MS to learn about the history of the town. She sits down with Mayor Jason Shelton, Dick Guyton of Elvis Presley Birthplace, and Don Knight, owner of Johnnie's Drive-In, in order to get an in depth understanding of Tupelo.

Shelby county Schools Report

In this summer edition of Shelby County Schools Report, see how SCS leaders are working to better serve your student. Coding is the hot new thing and some SCS students are getting a jump start on their careers. Plus it's never too early to learn a new sport, we'll take you inside SCS golf and volleyball camps.

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GHS-TV is proud to announce we have received a National Student Production Award for our sports show "Red Devil Post Game". The hard work of GHS talented students paid off! Congrats !!!!


This episode looks back on some of the successful sports seasons GHS had this year. We also have exclusive interviews with Redbirds Manager, Ben Johnson and University of Memphis Associate Coach, Sam Mitchell along with Freshman Basketball Guard, Alex Lomax.) Make sure that you post it on the main page on our website and one page for Red Devil Postgame.


If you're interested in Germantown High School's creative and performing arts program, check out this video! 

"wake up, germantown!"

school morning announcements

Daily announcements for Germantown High School.

An Ocean apart, a world together:

New Beginnings

"An Ocean Apart, A World Together: New Beginnings" is a collaboration between Germantown High School Television in Germantown, Tennessee and the Media and TV Art College in Tbilisi, Georgia. This special features packages about each school and their city where they are located. The leaders of each school are also interviewed.

Red Devil News beat

Red Devil News Beat is your source for the day's top stories. Check out the latest world, mid-south, and sports news!

ghs insider

On this month's GHS Insider, we take a look at the new JROTC program, meet the new basketball coaches, and learn about the Jewish Student Union. Plus, hear the incredible story of a three-sport athlete who broke racial barriers at GHS in the 1960s.


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