2018-2019 Student Staff 

Tanshie achoh - General Manager

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Senior Tanshie Achoh joined the GHS-TV staff his junior year. He is the Director for Crosstalk, Let’s Talk Business, and the Live Coverage of the 47th Germantown Festival. Tanshie’s past positions include being the Director for Cable Quiz 2018, Technical Director for Let’s Talk Money, assistant videographer for Shelby County Schools Report, and Sound for Inspiring Leaders. Tanshie interned with GHS-TV over the summer.


rodney mckinner – Programming Director

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Senior Rodney McKinner has been a part of GHS-TV since his sophomore year. He is a Wake Up, Germantown! Anchor, Co-Host for Live Coverage of the 47th Germantown Festival, Election Night 2018 Moderator, and a News 101 Reporter. He has also been seen on air during Auction 2018, Cable Quiz 2018, and GHS-TV’s 35th Anniversary Special.  Rodney has served as a Crosstalk Producer for two years, assistant overall producer for the Live Coverage of the 46th Germantown Festival, assistant talent producer for Live Coverage of the 45th Germantown Festival, and Presidential data entry for Election Night 2016. Over the summer, Rodney was a GHS-TV intern.


mackenzie kuykendoll- Overall Access Show Producer


Senior Mackenzie Kuykendoll is the overall producer for Live Coverage of the 47th Germantown Festival. Mackenzie is a Wake Up, Germantown! Anchor and Overall Access Producer. She also was the Overall Producer for Cable Quiz 2018 and the Assistant Presidential Producer for Election Night 2016.


Randy Truong- lighting director


Junior Randy Truong is the assistant tech producer and audio for this year’s Live Coverage of the 47th Annual Germantown Festival. He has worked audio and lighting for shows such as Wake Up, Germantown! and Crosstalk. Randy is also the assistant technical producer and a programmer for GHS-TV. He interned over the summer with GHS-TV.



alexander drown - Creative Services director


Junior Alexander Drown has served in a variety of positions for GHS-TV since his freshman year. He is the Creative Services Director, Studio Technical Producer,and Sound Engineer. Alexander has been the GHS-TV webmaster, Cable Quiz 2018 Technical Director and Producer, and News 101 Videographer. Alexander has also served as graphics for Crosstalk, Wake Up, Germantown!, Let’s Talk Money, Inspiring Leaders, Live Coverage of Germantown Festival 2017, and Election Night 2016. Alexander was also a GHS-TV summer intern.


Jalen davis- Studio Technical Producer


Senior Jalen Davis serves as one of GHS-TV’s head camera operators, having worked on Wake Up, Germantown!, Red Devil Post Game, Crosstalk and Inspiring Leaders. Jalen is also the Tech Producer for Live Coverage of the 47th Germantown Festival and one of our key Jib Operators.


mikaila smith- Infocaster Supervisor

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Senior Mikaila Smith is the producer for Inspiring Leaders and Shelby County Schools Report. She has also served as a programmer, floor director, tape operator, and teleprompter for GHS-TV. Mikaila interned with GHS-TV over the summer, where she was a reporter for the Germantown Charity Horse Show.



Studio Production Coordinator:                                                                Kharice Hawkins

Studio Librarian:                                                                                          Gilana Moody

GHS-TV Webmaster:                                                                                  Chandler Edwards

Archives Producers:                                                                                     Dewan Richardson

                                                                                                                         Ty Washington

Programmers:                                                                                                Alex Le Vine-Miller

                                                                                                                      Kadiatu Gassama

Asst. Equipment Room Chairman:                                                          Chandler Edwards

Newsroom Manager:                                                                                   CJ Jamerson

Sound Engineer:                                                                                           Alexander Drown

Chief Videographer:                                                                                    Jalen Davis