Germantown High School Television Recongized As Top Educational Access Station In The Nation

Germantown High School Television has once again been named the top educational access station in the nation! On Tuesday, the Alliance for Community Media awarded GHS-TV with the "Overall Excellence in Education" designation for the 15th time.  GHS-TV also won in the following categories:

Sports Show:                                                       Red Devil Post Game

Informational Talk Show:                                 Crosstalk (Compilation)

Voter Education:                                                Engage Memphis Youth Summit report

Informational Talk show (Single Episode):    Crosstalk- First Responders

Entertainment & Arts (Series):                         Crosstalk (Compilation)

Community Events (Parade/Festivals):         Crosstalk - 70th Anniversary of the Germantown Charity Horse Show

Democracy in Action:                                       Live Coverage of Election Night 2018

GHS-TV will attend the awards ceremony in July during ACM's annual conference. The Alliance represents more than 3,000 Public, Educational and Governmental (PEG) access organizations and community media center throughout the country. 


Established in 1982, GHS-TV is a community television station operated by the students of Germantown High School.  GHS-TV serves as a model facility that continues to produce original programming, inform citizens, and educate young people interested in telecommunications careers.