GHS-TV Students Nominated for Indie Memphis Youth Film Festival Awards

Germantown High School Television is proud to announce that its students and recent alumni were nominated for four awards at this year’s Indie Memphis Youth Film Festival. Recent graduate Maggie Lathem’s film, Women vs. the Media, is a competition finalist. A short film by students Wolfgang Stoltz, Andrew Pollard, and Ryan Coleman titled My Bizarre Obsession, as well as the short film A Thousand Words by Tate Jakobi, Dinah Mitchell, Kennedy Harris, Maggie Lathem, Jaylon Dodson, and Santeria Pratt made it as finalists. Both films will be screened alongside Women vs. the Media at the Halloran Center on September 9. Lockdown, a short film by Amber Allen, AJ Cocroft, Dinah Mitchell, Christian Powell, and Andreas Williams, will also be shown as a non-competitive entry.

During the school year, GHS-TV students work hard to hone their filmmaking skills and to learn to express their creativity and individuality through their work. Maggie Lathem’s documentary style short film, Women vs. the Media, highlights many of the struggles women face in today’s society, featuring interviews from teens  who share how they tackle female stereotypes. My Bizarre Obsession takes a more comedic approach as it parodies TLC’s popular reality show My Strange Addiction. Meanwhile, A Thousand Words ecompasses elements of a romantic drama as the protagonist reveals a hidden love for his best friend, hoping he’s not too late. The silent film Lockdown is a thriller. This film shows what happens when two teenagers are locked in a school overnight. Viewers can only guess what lurks around the corner.

This year marks the second annual Indie Memphis Youth Film Festival. In addition to showcasing work from students around the region, the film festival gives students the opportunity to participate in workshops presented by high-profile guests. This annual event will be held at the Halloran Center Saturday, September 9th.